Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Best Way To Get Your Fruits And Vegetables.

The fruit and vegetable aisle of a grocery store is not where an automotive fan expects to discover a treasure, but that's exactly what happened to me recently. To be certain, it wasn't a typical, everyday grocery store, but 'La Grande Épicerie' ('The Big Grocery Shop').

'La Grande Epicerie' has recently been remodeled, and is a big, bright, beautiful grocery store in the 160 year old 'Le Bon Marché' Department store in the heart of Paris. It is a legendary store that continues to be a Paris fixture. I was wandering through the store last weekend, looking through their International aisle for some specifically Canadian treats, when I stumbled across the fruit and vegetable display.
The fantastic display was set up on and around a Citroen Type H truck. In a previous article I wrote about a Type H van that was used in Paris as a billboard display for a café.

The flatbed version in the grocery store makes for a perfect display stand. This extended-length truck provides tons of space for the fresh produce that is brought in each day. The Type H has been expertly restored, and while it is clearly an original, the fresh paint and detailing have created a real show piece.
Even the licence plate has been customized for the occasion, with the year of the reopening of the store (2013), the name (Grande Epicerie Paris), and the departmental number for Paris (75) present.

I am not always careful to get my daily servings of fruits and vegetables, but I think that I'll make a better effort if it means that I get to see this great old truck!

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