Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snow Day!

While most car fans are happy when the roads stay dry and clear all year round, as a Canadian who grew up with a white Christmas every year, I sure wouldn't mind a few flakes. Winter just isn't the same without a bit of snow, but with 10 degree weather and sun in Paris today, I think I'm going to have to accept that it's just not going to happen.
But that's okay, because I was taking a peek at a bunch of old photos and came across a few of my cars in various winter scenes. For some reason I like seeing a car in the snow, and I'm always sure to grab a photo. Since I didn't have a white Christmas this year, I'll have to enjoy the old photos of past cars playing in the snow!

There's the Fiat Multipla rental I had when I first arrived in France years ago... for those that don't know the Multipla, all I can say is that it's better that you CAN'T see what it looks like as it's a pretty hideous beast! This picture was taken in the Swiss Alps after a trip to the Geneva Auto Show in 2006. It started to snow the Saturday afternoon, and I drove until I couldn't drive any further and stayed overnight in a great old hotel in the mountains. This is what I discovered the next day!
Here is a picture of my Daewoo Nubira, this time on the French side of the Alps. I took it near Albertville on a ski trip, in 2007 or 2008. I pulled off the winding road to snap some pictures of the beautiful scenery, and then turned the camera on the Nubira. It was not much more attractive than the Multipla, but I have a soft spot for unattractive misfit cars it would seem!
Two years later a different car, a different mountain range. It was after a trip with two family members into the Pyrenees mountains for another ski trip... over 1000 kms and 12 hours with two very jetlagged people who couldn't believe I was going to force them to go so far in so little car! But we made it and had a wonderful roadtrip thanks to the always-entertaining Peugeot 104 Style Z coupe!
And the last, my lovely Citroen GSA parked quietly in front of the house after a rather big snowfall just before Christmas 2011. The GSA was a formidable snow machine, especially when it got deep and the hydraulic suspension was set to 'high' mode. I recall searching out snowdrifts to blast through that day...
Even if I didn't get snow for Christmas it's fun to see these pictures again and remember the fun I've had in the snow with my various gone but not forgotten cars!

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  1. Another sunny day here, really NO chance of snow, so feel free to send along YOUR pictures of YOUR cars out playing in the snow!


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