Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Highway To Heaven.

A little automotive joke to end the year...
A car fan dies, and before getting to Heaven, finds himself in a line at the Pearly Gates. He sees the people in front of him being handed car keys. When he gets to the counter, Saint Peter looks at a list and hands him a set of keys and says "Ford Escort".
"Why do I get such a cheap old car?" he asks.
"Because you cheated on your wife ten times" was the response.
"But why does that man over there get a Mercedes Benz?" he asks.
"Because he only cheated five times."
"And the guy with the Ferrari?"
"He never cheated on his wife" replied Saint Peter.
A short while later the man is driving down the Highway to Heaven in his Escort and is passed by the man in the Mercedes. Shortly after the Ferrari driver whizzes by. A few kilometers later the man sees the Ferrari pulled off to the side of the road and the driver leaning over the steering wheel, crying. The man pulls over and walks up and taps on the window. The Ferrari driver opens the window and the man says "Why are you crying? You're driving a Ferrari!"
Sobbing, he replies "Because I just saw my wife drive by in a Lada!"
Happy New Years everyone!

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