Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tricycle For Big Boys.

While enjoying a drink at a bar along the river in the city of Amiens a few weeks back, I spied this this exciting machine in a parking lot on the opposite bank...
From a distance it appeared to be old, but up close it was clear that it was a modern, retro-styled vehicle. The badge showed that it was a Morgan 3. Old car fans know the Morgan the name, but I had never seen a 3-wheeled model before.
A quick internet search led me to the Morgan 3 website, where I learned that the Morgan company was actually founded on the 3-wheeled predecessor of the 3 called the 'Runabout'. Probably more well known for their 4+4 convertible, Morgan appears to have had great success with their original 3-wheeler after basically creating the genre.

This modern version sticks to the original equation of 3 wheels + 2 seats + open body + motorcycle engine and transmission = lots of fun! This lightweight aluminum-bodied vehicle has a 1983cc 'V-twin' 2-cylinder engine creating 80hp, which gets to the back wheel through a 5-speed gearbox that also includes reverse (a luxury original Morgan 3 owners did not experience!).
True to its origins, this new 3 does not offer many comfort features, though leather seats and steering wheel are standard. No radio, no airbag, no heater... not even a roof or windows are provided. This is a true open-air driver's toy, and it offers the best blend of roadster and motorcycle possible.
The simple body is highlighted by lots of chrome at the front, and a fully exposed engine that leads to exhaust pipes running down either side to the rear. Narrow wire wheels complete the retro look outside, while the simple but attractive interior fits the character of the car very well. An exposed tubular frame, visible inside the cockpit, reminds the driver that they are piloting a basic, no-frills machine and not some soft luxury mass-market-mobile. To top off the look and hint back at the motorcycle lineage, two round headlights and tiny windscreens are present.

I already have a hard enough time trying to pick a favourite 4-wheeled car... and now I have to add a 3-wheeler to my list!

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