Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Weekend lesson: when starting a manual transmission car, it is important to:
A) Put the transmission in neutral,
B) Push in the clutch pedal, and
C) Aim the wheels forward, especially if the car is in a garage
As a friend discovered Saturday morning, failing to check at least one of these items can lead to a dented bumper and bent garage door! Thankfully no one was injured, though the owner of the car and garage door was not all that impressed to spend his afternoon fixing his garage door. As the driver and car/garage door owner were family, the rest of us who were visiting quietly slipped away while they 'discussed' the situation... after a few tense minutes all was forgiven, and by the end of the afternoon jokes were being cracked.
So let this be a reminder to all, take a second to make sure you're in neutral before starting your car... it can help you avoid an accident, potential injury, and becoming the butt of 'remember the time you crashed into the garage' jokes for years to come!

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