Monday, August 5, 2013

Road Trip!

It is offically summer vacation, and road trip time! Just ran to the store for the necessary supplies... obviously a full tank of gas, oil check and windershield-washer fluid top-up are important, but equally important are the OTHER supplies:
Every family surely has their list of 'must-haves' for their road trips, and my sisters can certainly attest to the need to be stocked on Kelloggs Variety Pack cereal, Ritz crackers, and juice boxes. I was unable to find Breton's crackers, which is another important part of every Simmons Family Road Trip Survival Pack, but they don't seem to exist in France, so I'm going to risk it...

'Bon Voyage' to anyone else heading out on vacation! Some will fly, some will boat, some will bike, but for me, loading the whole family into the car was always part of summer vacation. Many fond memories were created stuffed under a pile of suitcases and sleeping bags and toys and pillows.

To finish off, a quick peek at another important Simmons Family pre-vacation ritual... a viewing of 'National Lampoons Vacation':


  1. And now, the age-old question...who eats the Bran Flakes?

    1. This sounds like someone who has been on the losing end of the Bran Flakes battle...!


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