Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lamp Envy.

Last week I showed off a picture of a little lamp I purchased. As much as I like it, I have seen something that I like better! This lamp was in the entrance of a bar in Paris:
It is an interesting mix of industrial and automotive. I'm not sure if it was made by a designer or if it is some sort of handmade, one-off piece. It had a rough, hammered finish, unpainted, and would be a very nice addition to my home. This one obviously wasn't for sale, but I am really going to have to do a search and find something like this. Not that my little lamp doesn't have its place, but there's always room for more enlightenment, right? 
And the best part? The yellow bulbs! Up until the 1980's car headlights in France were yellow. You can still see the odd old car on the road with them, giving off a yellow glow. I quite like the idea of that warm light in my living room... though I suppose the risk is falling asleep and waking up thinking that a 3-headlight car is going to run me down...!


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