Saturday, July 13, 2013


I have a coworker who is unfaithful. Everyone knows it; she doesn't even try to hide it. It's so blatant that one can't help but see it. And I'm reminded of it every morning in the parking lot. Yes, she's that brash... in front of everyone, for all to see.

And the worst part? Her husband (another coworker) not only knows, but approves of it. He actually encourages it! This week I overheard him telling someone that he likes to help choose the objects of his wifes indiscretions, that he has come to know what she likes!

While I don't like to pry into peoples personal lives, I can't help but comment on this persons habits: she's an unfaithful car buyer. It all started around four years ago when a shiny white Nissan Qashqai crossover showed up in the parking lot. A tall, attractive vehicle, it really stood out in a sea of Renault and Peugeot and Citroen small cars that populated the parking lot.
Then about two years ago the Qashqai was no longer to be seen. It had been replaced by a newer, younger Kia Sportage. Still a crossover, still a midsize 5-door, still a diesel... it seemed that Mrs. had a 'type', but wasn't particularly faithful to one particular brand. Many people have a favourite brand, and when it's time to trade in their old car they go back to the same brand for their newest model. I asked the person in question and she said that, while she had been very happy with the Nissan, this new Kia had really caught her attention.
Two times doesn't make a pattern, so I had kind of forgotten about this until I saw Mrs. climb out of her newest vehicle the other day... this time, a brand new Chevrolet Captiva. Once again we could see that she definitely had a preference for roomy white 5-door crossovers...
My curiosity got the better of me; I had to ask. Had she had a bad experience with the Kia? Did it turn out to be a lemon? No, she had quite enjoyed it, but when it was time to swap, she just didn't feel a particular attraction to any specific brand, and fell for the handsome looks of the Captiva.

Perhaps being 'faihtful' to a brand is a thing of the past. I know that in my father's generation a young boy often had a favourite car, and tended to stick with that brand for life. In my father's case it was Ford, and so when it came time for me to pick my favourite brand, it was obvious: anything BUT Ford! I was a Pontiac fan from as earlier as I can remember. In that era, a Chrysler guy was a Chrysler guy. A Plymouth fan loved Plymouth for life. Someone who rooted for team Buick did so without fail.

I have owned many different brands in my lifetime, so I suppose I'm as unfaithful as my coworker. But I know that if I was looking for another brand new car, I would be inclined to stay with Ford, as I have been very satisfied with my current one. To each their own; people should drive what they like. But I am going to keep my eyes peeled over the next few years for any new shiny white 5-door crossovers in the parking lot, because I'm on to my coworker, and am curious to see where her wandering eyes will fall next time...


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  1. Well, being faithful to one brand for life may serve for a well-rounded brand such as Ford. Some people may jump brand ship because there is simply no hope with their current brand (take Honda or Mitsubishi for example). Although your friend might have been better off staying with her Kia Sportage rather than jumping over to Chevy (guzzle guzzle). These are my opinions only.. Feel Free to Refute.


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