Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Don't Deserve My Car.

I don't know if the equivalent of 'Child Services' for cars exists, but if they do, I should call them and turn myself in. My poor old car has been sitting for almost two months, alone and forgotten in the yard. Covered in dust, it even has cobwebs growing on it.

To be fair, I haven't been home much over the past little while, but I know that's just an excuse to make me feel better. I parked my 1983 Opel Corsa TR back in May and haven't touched it since. It may not be a collectors car, but the TR is quite rare. While 1980's Corsa hatchbacks are a dime a dozen here, my two-door model with a proper trunk was never sold in France. In fact, I have never even seen another one.
With the nice weather here I am excited to get get back to work. The most urgent task is to replace the master cylinder, as the last time I drove the Corsa the brakes were getting quite spongy, which is never a good sign! After that, the car really needs a good paint job. The faded brown paint has lost all shine, and not even a wax job can bring it back.
With luck I will be able to redeem myself, and my baby will forgive me for the months of neglect. I think I'll spring for a tank of high-octane gas if I can ever get her started! It's the least I can do, right? Though that might not be enough... maybe I can spring for one of those pine-tree air fresheners too...

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