Sunday, June 30, 2013

My Old 1985 Citroen GSA in Action!

A classic car like the Citroen GSA deserves a full writeup, and it will certainly get one very soon, but I stumbled across this old video I took a few years back and wanted to post it. This strange looking car (originally named the GS in the 70's, becoming the GSA in the 80's) truly was a technological wonder. It had a version of Citroen's legendary hydraulic suspension system. Not only did it provide a super-smooth ride and excellent handling, it allowed the driver to choose between three different ride heights: low, for regular cruising, medium, for snowy or muddy roads, and high, for driving through rough fields and back roads. A small lever between the front seats actuated the hydraulic pump to either raise or lower the car.

The best feature was the load-leveling system integrated into the hydraulic circuit. If the car was weighted down with either people or cargo, the suspension system would automatically detect the extra weight. It would then compensate by further pressurizing the hydraulic fluid in the car, raising the front and/or rear ends to level out the car. Once the load was removed, the car would naturally raise up again, and the hydraulic system would relieve enough pressure to get back to a level ride height.

You really have to see it in action to appreciate it. Sadly, I no longer have the car, but I do have this video showing the GSA in all its hydraulic glory! Enjoy!

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