Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coffee Time.

Sick of waiting in line for your morning coffee before attacking your commute to work? Assuming you're not already distracted enough by bad drivers, texting, doing your makeup, and the dozens of other distractions that modern drivers inflict on themselves, why not add one more: making coffee!
 As I was making my coffee this morning (safely in the confines of my kitchen, I might add), I recalled a story I had read a while back about a car manufacturer that had come up with the idea of an in-car coffee maker. I did some quick research, and it turns out that yes, one manufacturer is offering the coffee maker idea in a few of their models, but it is actually an independent company that has created this interesting device.

The Handpresso is a rather simple device to operate, so you don't have to balance a coffee filter and can of ground coffee and measuring spoon on your lap while flying down the highway. The device screws apart, you insert a one-shot coffee 'pod', add water, and plug in and turn on the machine. In a few minutes you have hot, properly brewed coffee.

The high-pressure brewing and pod system is similar to modern household coffee makers; this is no 'wait patiently for the coffee to drip' machine. Fire it up when you climb into your car in the morning and you are enjoying your coffee before you even hit the freeway.

If you can't stand the thought of being stuck in traffic without your coffee, then this is the item for you. I see enough distracted drivers on the roads as it is, so I suspect that we will be hearing about coffee brewing related accidents in the near future. Lets hope that drivers will be smart and either have a passenger prepare their coffee, or wait until they're stopped to do it.

Perhaps one benefit will be fewer people falling asleep at the wheel... there's nothing like a hot, fresh dark roast to wake you up for your drive home at the end of the day!

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