Wednesday, July 24, 2013

European Hair Dryer.

After a very slow start to the summer, it has arrived and is in full swing. We have had several weeks of hot weather and, more importantly sunny days. What better way to enjoy it then pop the top on your Fiat 500 convertible! 
Not a full convertible, the original Fiat 500 still did offer a large opening canvas sunroof. In such a small car, it really opens up the cabin and gives the occupants the feeling of being right out there in the summer weather. And while the 500 was always a fun, nimble car to drive, it is not the fastest car out there, so the driver is encouraged to take the slow roads and enjoy the scenery.

The 500 is still a popular car in Europe, even though it has been out of production since 1975. Production started in 1957, and as there were over 3,800,000 units sold, it remains a fairly common sight. In my travels the 500 is certainly more common than the Beetle, though less common than the Mini. Even if it's not a rare car to see, it always turns my head. If you think that the current, modern Fiat 500 is small, you really need to see one parked next to the original. Only then can you appreciate how small this vintage car is!

If I was picking a little classic to bomb around the European countryside this summer, a 500 with the folding roof would definitely be near the top of the list.


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