Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blurred Lines.

Sometimes you only have a few seconds to grab a picture. In those cases you have to decide if you take the time trying to focus properly and risk missing the shot, or snapping as quickly as possible and risk having a blurred picture that you can't make out.

Such was the case when a gorgeous orange Renault Alpine zoomed past me Friday night. A very rare bird, I wasn't going to let this one go without a snap or two. I was able to catch up to it at the following traffic light, and when I came to a full stop (safety first!), I grabbed my phone and lined up for a picture. I knew I didn't have much time before the light changed, but of course my camera auto-focus didn't want to cooperate. I snapped anyways:
Well that didn't work! You can't see much from this blurry picture, but it was a beautiful Alpine A130. This model of Renault's ultimate sports car was produced from 1971 to 1985, first available with a 4-cylinder engine until 1976, and then with a more potent V6 for the rest of its life. It has fat, bulging fenders, a pointy, sharp spoiler, and massive wide tires. Definitely not your everyday sight, and definitely worth a second try at a clearer picture:
Argh! Closer but blurrier, you can barely tell that it's a car! Which is very unfortunate, because it really is a looker. From its beginning in 1955 until its end in 1995, Alpine was a producer of pure, unadulterated sports coupes and convertibles. Renault has even announced plans to produce a new Alpine supercar, and showed the A110-50 concept car in 2012.

The light turns green, the cars start to move... come on camera, one more shot of that fantastic rear end:
Success! Okay, so it isn't a magazine quality picture, but you can at least make out the curves and bulges of the legendary A130, and even read the name written across the back. Once the car in front had left, the Alpine roared off, and there was no hope of catching it again. It became a blurred line off in the distance, and while I would have loved to get a better view of the rest of the car, I'll satisfy myself with these rapid-fire pictures I managed to grab.


  1. I'm curious to know if this is a car or brand many people know about...?

  2. from 2b2
    not nearly as much as I'd like - 2 models mainly
    ((then I used the recent showcar for a Mustang chop))

    1. Love the old one, the third-generation A110! Last summer I wrote a bit about the Alpines for a different blog; I still have lots of original pictures, so I'll have to share them soon!


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