Sunday, March 2, 2014

Will You Take Visa For Your Visa?

What's that I see? A goofy old car sitting off by itself at a funny angle in the main square in town with a sign in the window? That wouldn't be an old car for sale, lonely and cold, calling my name? Why yes it is!
It was last Thursday night after work that I happened across this latest find, as I pulled into the parking lot at the grocery store. My bread, eggs and cheese would have to wait. The Citroen Visa is becoming a rare sight on French roads, and even from a distance it was clear that this wasn't some junkyard beater. It was far from perfect, and some of the paint had no shine left, but it was a very sound old car.
As I approached, I saw that I was not alone. Another guy was walking around the car, checking it out. We chatted a few minutes, and agreed that it was in very good shape, with no traces of rust on the body or chassis. The Visa replaced the Ami small car in Citroen's lineup in 1978, and was produced until the AX replaced it in 1988. In those 11 years over 1,250,000 examples were produced.
This little green Visa needs a good polishing and a repainted hood. The bumpers and moldings down the side have faded from black to almost white, and could use some TLC. The interior was nearly spotless, though the seat covers hid the state of the seats. The odometer showed just over 100,000 kms, so it probably spent a good part of its life parked in a garage, away from the elements.

When I arrived at work the following day, a coworker I ran across told me that he had seen a car that would certainly interest me. Before he could tell me what it was, I pulled out my phone and showed him these pictures of the Visa! It was of course the car he had seen, and he said that he could easily picture me driving such a strange classic.

Against my better judgment I took down the number, and will have to call this week, just to find out a bit more. I shouldn't tempt myself when I know how weak I am against such charming old cars... maybe I will cancel my Visa first...

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  1. 1200 euros is the asking price... a little high in my opinion...


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