Friday, November 1, 2013

Pumpkin Car-ving.

For Hallowe'en this year I decided to add a little automotive flair to my pumkin carving, and the result is this prototype Boo-Ick convertible! It's a sporty orange 2-seater with a removeable hardtop, which is perfect for this time of year. There's a large trunk with lots of room for candy, and the two candle-power engine helps you make quick getaways when the treats give way to tricks...
I figured a haunted Jack-O-Lantern doesn't need wheels, it can just fly everywhere, though I did add bumpers for those rough landings. It's a rather slippery, aerodynamic design, and while it bears a striking resemblance to both Yoda and an Ewok, I think that it could be a hit.
If anyone at Buick is reading, feel free to contact me, and fast... in a couple of days this prototype is going to be crash-tested into the compost bin, or recycled into soup!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Hallowe'en!

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