Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Could This Be?

Last week I was sent a few photos of a lovely red convertible with the message "Guess the make!" I guess it's only fair, I go on and on about being a hardcore car fan, I deserve to be tested from time to time!
Well I am embarassed to say that I could not name this one! I could tell that it was European, but couldn't guess the brand. The grille made me think British, but the hood and fenders weren't like any MG, Triumph, or Austin that I could recognize.
The profile view didn't help... it didn't look particularly French, and the car overall lacked the ornementation of the German brands. I was stuck. When I saw that there was an interior view I figured I'd be able to recognize a logo on the steering wheel, but no such luck.
Despite not knowing what it was, I really liked it... especially the simple dashboard design that flowed into the doors. The shiny red paint job really highlighted the clean lines of this old roadster, and the curved windshield and fender-mounted mirrors were nice touches that added character to the car.
In the end I was never able to guess the brand, and was quite surprised when my source FINALLY stopped teasing me and told me what it was... and while a kinder person wouldn't play the same game, I'm not ready just yet to say what it was... I think I'll let you all try and guess...

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  1. I like to hope that someone will recognize this lovely car...


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