Thursday, September 19, 2013

Trabant Trailer.

If I can't have a Trabant, why not the next best thing? A friend sent me a link to this Trabant trailer for sale online the other day:
It is based on the wagon-version of the regular 601 that I was interested in a few months back. Apparently the donor car was in an accident, and all the owner could save was the rear end. According to the ad he already has a similar trailer made from another Trabant.
This little trailer appears to be quite well finished, with fresh paint and a wooden floor, and road-legal lights and wiring. As the seller states, it would make a great trailer for car shows and publicity for small businesses and events. He goes on to say that the price of 450 euros is what was spent building the trailer.
My Trabant fixation continues... and if anyone needs proof, I've mentioned this funny little car before...
While I think I'd prefer to start with a whole car, this trailer would be quite a fun toy for someone who already had a Trabant. I'm glad to see that some people are helping this goofy plastic wonder live on!

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