Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Of 'Corsa' I Can!

After barely an hour in Portugal I had already seen my first automotive wonder: a Corsa TR, the wonderful trunk-version sister of my beloved brown bucket of bolts! I recall reading that the TR was popular in Spain, and even produced there, so it would seem that the Portuguese have the same discriminating automotive taste as the Spanish and I! This model was a dark grey version, and it was close to spotless. Also, as it was the only other TR I had ever seen, I thought that it was extra lovely!
And don't think for a second that it stops there! No, there was a second sighting, this time a tired red one. I saw it drive by and was disappointed that I couldn't get a picture. Imagine my surprise when I walked around a corner and saw it parked, begging for a picture!
The following day I had hardly calmed down from my first two sightings... when I saw a third! "Jamais deux sans trois", as they say in French, which means "Never two without three", which is the equivalent of "Good things come in threes". And in this case, it was VERY good, as this grey model was really very clean, and in fantastic shape.
My travel partner almost gave me a heart attack when he pointed to a paper on the dash and told me that it was for sale... and then laughed and told me that it was just a parking pass! This tastless, cruel joke aside, I was really quite happy to see these three sisters to my little Corsa. Lisbon is a beautiful city, the people have been wonderful, the food delicious, and the weather unbeatable, but this little unexpected automotive find has been a fun plus! 

Three more days to go... with luck the TR count will continue!

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