Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Father Would Be Proud.

Turns out dad was right. I spent most of my teen years trying to win the GM versus Ford fight. I was on the GM side, a fan of cars like the Firebird, Fiero, and Corvette. My father was in the Ford camp, having owned a Mustang, Thunderbird, and F-150. My first Ford was a Tempo, which, as those who know it can imagine, didn't go far in swaying my opinion.

A few years back I caved again and bought a 2009 Ford Ka, more on price than anything else. I have been very happy with this car, and as a result will definitely consider Ford for my next purchase. If my dad were around I know that he would be happy, and certainly a bit smug.
And a photo of a Ford jump-starting a GM product? I guarantee you this photo would have made it onto the mantel above the fireplace.


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