Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looking For a Car to Put in the Back of Your Pickup?

Check out this wonderful machine, people:
EDIT: link no longer active, apparently the car has been sold

I just came across it in, a person-to-person website used for selling all sorts of things, including cars. This contraption is a 'sans-permis' car, which translates to 'without license'. In France, it is legal for people who do not have their drivers license to drive these 'microcars', as they're also called. They are constructed following strict rules, such as only having a 50cc engine, weighing less than 350 kg, and not being capable of going faster than 45 km/h.

Looks to me like the one pictured here fits the criteria. It is basically a golf cart with a lawnmower engine... I sure HOPE that it doesn't go over 45 km/h! According to the website entry, it has a diesel engine, which is quite rare for this class of car (most run on gasoline). This one is branded Ligier, and after a tiny bit of online research, it appears that it is the GS4 model from 1987. It seats two people, as do all of these microcars, and offers a small luggage compartment behind the seats.
As much as I don't want to be THAT person holding up traffic on the 90 km/h roadways (it happens all the time in the countryside here in France!), I really am intrigued by this car. Might have to give the guy a call. I think I see a career as a mini ice-cream van driver in my near future... bring on the warm weather!

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  1. It would appear that this vehicle sold, the online listing has been taken down! Guess I'll have to keep looking before starting my ice-cream van business...


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