Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Dash of Inspiration.

Every once in a while I come across this van in the street. It is never parked in the same spot, or even same street, but the owner appears to live nearby. Big utility vans like this painted and covered in graffiti are a common sight in the city, but this one really stands out. One can only guess that it belongs to an artist, because it goes beyond simple graffiti and is truly a rolling canvas for a creative painter.
And if the outside is impressive enough, the inside is something else. The dashboard is covered with objects and items and toys and collections. We all know someone who has a cluttered car, but this person takes it to a whole new level. It's hard to even know where to look first; everything catches your attention.
There are little dolls and plastic kids toys. There are posters and artwork (including a mini Mona Lisa). There are keychains and pins and buttons and tags. There is a collection of handmade knickknacks and toys. There are pens and markers and paintbrushes. And vases. And flashlights. And the list goes on... there are even objects that I could not identify...

It is hard to tell what part of this masterpiece was planned, and what part is just junk that ended up on the pile. Maybe the owner has worked carefully to add item with special meaning... or maybe he just tosses whatever he finds in his pockets onto the dash every time he climbs in.

If I ever see the owner, I'm going to ask him...

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